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TIS’s video, “Hints and Tips for Working with Interpreters”The Australian government’s national Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) has produced a short video providing tips and hints for obtaining best outcomes when working with an interpreter.Read Report
Multicultural Mental Health Outcomes and Assessment ToolsThe Multicultural Mental Health Outcomes and Assessment Tools (MH-OAT) have been developed by the Transcultural Mental Health Centre and NSW Health to assist health care professionals to provide culturally appropriate care to their culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients.Read Report
Factsheet for General Practices: Complying with the Equal Opportunity ActDeveloped by the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission.Read Report
Workplace Cultural Diversity ToolkitCommunity service organisations have a role in promoting principles of equity and productive diversity in the employment practices of the sector and to model what they promote in their own practices and work relationships. This toolkit aims to assist your organisation to put in place strategies to capitalise on and celebrate diversity.Read Report
Settlement Sector Quality Framework (SSQF)The National Settlement Outcomes Standards (NSOS) were originally launched by SCoA in 2015 following extensive consultation, and were revised in 2020. Each Standard addresses a key issue which needs to be navigated by newly arrived people during their settlement journey.Read Report
Multicultural Language Services Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Agencies The Multicultural Language Services Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Agencies reflect the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to the development of whole-of-government communication strategies that address language barriers. The Guidelines aim to enhance access to interpreters and translated information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to enable equitable access to the full range of services.Read Report
Using teach-back via an interpreterThis information sheet focuses on the ‘teach-back’ method and how it can be an effective method for health practitioners in general and when used via an interpreter. Developed by the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, and North Western Primary Healthcare Network (Victoria).Read Report
Working with patients when there are language barriersDeveloped by North West Melbourne Primary Health Network (PHN) this is a guide to accessing and using the Translating and Interpreting Service for health professionals working in private practice.Read Report
Working with Refugees: A Guide for Social WorkersProduced by the NSW Refugee Health Service and STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) in 2004. This resource provides social workers with important information about refugees. It includes facts and figures, tips for good practice and the use of case studies to illustrate issues more clearly.Read Report
Australian Human Rights CommissionThe Good Practice, Good Business factsheets from the Australian Human Rights Commission are designed to help promote diversity and prevent discrimination in your workplace. They can be downloaded individually or as a set of 12 factsheets and a policy template.Read Report
The Framework for Mental Health in Multicultural AustraliaThe Framework for Mental Health in Multicultural Australia: Towards culturally inclusive service delivery (The Framework) has been developed to help organisations and individual workers to: Evaluate their cultural responsiveness Enhance their delivery of services for CALD communities The Framework is mapped against current practice, policies and plans. Its implementation will not only assist services to fulfil their existing safety, quality and accreditation requirements, but also offers an ongoing process of assessment and development.Read Report
Heads upA one-stop shop of tips, tools and resources, offers a range of practical, cost-effective changes that organisations can make to improve mental health in the workplace and address stigma.Read Report
Harmony in the WorkplaceThe Federation of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia (FECCA) has produced a series of factsheets, developed with industry experts and professionals, aimed at fostering greater awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity in Australian workplaces.Read Report
Workplace Cultural Diversity ToolBased on international best practice, this tool is a ‘how to’ guide on workplace cultural diversity, designed to help employers make the most of a culturally diverse workforce.Read Report